Coming Soon: "Twisted Tales Series" by Stephanie Fowers
Customized Book Covers
You wrote the perfect book. Now you want the perfect cover. Cover Your Book makes that happen. For our specialty line in Custom Designs, we help you design your cover from start to finish.

 Do you have a vision in mind that stock photography can’t fulfill? From specialized photoshoots to the final graphic finish of your cover, we work closely with our customers to give you the perfect look for your book.

You have full copyright and exclusive rights to your cover. No one else will have your image. You pay for it, it’s yours. Forever. No matter how many copies you sell. No matter where you decide to post it. Cover your book with a design your proud of. Contact us for a free consultation.
Out now!
"Prank Wars" by Stephanie Fowers

Out Now!
"With a Kiss" By Stephanie Fowers
Judge a book by its cover...
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